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Customer Quotes

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everyone in your technical/customer support department. I've worked with other survey software companies and yours is definitely the best! At other companies I have to leave a message and hope someone will return my call that day. At Datablocks, everyone I have talked to has been so friendly and so eager to help me. I definitely appreciate the great customer service. Thank you for all your help."
Lanae Jobe
Assistant to AVP for Institutional Research
Collin County Community College District
Plano, TX

"Thank you for all your help. We really like the magenta software. ... I am telling you, that you guys rock at your technical support. Being a computer person for a living I deal with all kinds of technical support, and I am impressed with your company and would recommend you guys to anyone."
Heidi von Kleist
McKissock, Inc.
Warren, PA

" ... In the time that we have been using Magenta software to create our forms for surveys, it has been quite easy to work with. At this point we have only created a few forms that are in use. However, we are attempting to perfect our skills to use the software more extensively after the first of the year.

"I have also given information on your software to several people who have attended classes with us. We use surveys created with your software and give a demo on how they were created."
Deborah Rohr
Technology Lab Manager
Summit County Educational Service Center
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"At San Joaquin Delta College, we use OMR scanning technology for numerous applications including grade rosters, admissions applications and surveys. We had been using a form design program no longer supported by the vendor.

"After doing some research on form design programs, we chose the Magenta form design program from Data Blocks. The Magenta program is easy to use and contains all the features we need. So far we have designed about 20 forms using this software. Data Blocks' support has been excellent. Whenever we have a question, we get a prompt resolution."
Ralph Olstad
Programming Supervisor
San Joaquin Delta College
Stockton, California

"I never had the opportunity to formally thank you for the time you devoted to our state to get us on the right path using the Magenta software. Never, in nearly 20 years of data processing, have I dealt with a vendor with such willingness to provide technical support and see a project through. ...

"Thank you so much for all you have done to make this project viable in CT. It has been a pleasure to work with such a personable and understanding vendor."
Mark D. Vocca
Connecticut State Department of Education
"Thanks for all your assistance. Even though I was off to a rocky start, this software is amazing compared to what we were using before. What took our secretary 2 weeks to accomplish, will probably only take her 2 days now. That is saying a lot!"
Amanda Darbonne
Office of Information Technology
Louisiana State University at Eunice
"‘In the past year we’ve experienced savings in three areas. First, we’ve eliminated the cost of purchasing forms from outside vendors, which is $15,000 that we don’t spend anymore. In addition, we’ve saved another $15,000 by reducing the cost of paper. And finally, the cost of supplies, fuser, and toner from our old printer, that’s another $4,500 we’ve saved.’

"Peticolas notes that in addition to the cost savings realized by eliminating preprinted forms, another major benefit is greater flexibility, the ability to design forms to do whatever the district needs at a particular time. ‘For example, we have a large ethnic diversity in this community, and this technology permits us to create forms in the languages spoken by members of our community,’ she says, adding that the district probably would not have been able to afford to go out and purchase custom forms to meet the need for that kind of diversity."
from A Case Study by Xerox Corporation
entitled "Xerox Helps Grand Rapids School District"
quote by Penny Peticolas, Computer Services Director, Grand Rapids Public Schools

" ‘Just in time’ document creation eliminates the time teachers have traditionally spent hand-grading tests or ‘bubbling-in’ test responses in general purpose answer sheets."
from a Case Study by Xerox Corporation
entitled "Integrated 'Just-In-Time' Solution Cuts Testing Costs
and Improves Educational Quality"
for Volusia County Schools, DeLand, Florida

"With Data Blocks software, an integral element of the district’s printing solution, the MIS department can create custom test answer sheets in a fraction of the time it took to create the forms with an external vendor. DATA BLOCKS simplifies the challenge of properly aligning the test page and answer bubbles, ensuring reliable scanning of the students’ test answers.

‘For each new form, I used to spend at least two months working with the forms printer to specify how the page should appear.’ Julie Benway, data systems analyst, recalls. ‘We’d go back and forth with drafts, and finally test them for scanning. With DATA BLOCKS, the last form I created took a day and a half. That gives me a good two months on my end, and leaves me more time to concentrate on other projects. And if we need to, we can literally make changes to a test on the day it’s printed.’ "
from a Case Study by Xerox Corporation
entitled "Integrated 'Just-In-Time' Solution Cuts Testing Costs
and Improves Educational Quality"
for Volusia County Schools, DeLand, Florida

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