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Key Features

  • Scan forms and survey forms implemented in hours rather than weeks
  • No long turnaround for scantron forms or survey forms printing; no minimum quantity
  • Print a form on your color or black and white laser printer
  • Integrate your data (preslugs, preprinting, serialization, barcodes) with your scantron form in one pass
  • Generate a template for scanning automatically
  • Modify your scan forms and survey forms easily and as often as needed
  • Functions include group moves, two-sided printing, color, "real" Windows cut and paste, multiple documents open simultaneously

Windows Functionality

  • The only genuine 32-bit form design software with integrated scanning and reporting
  • True Type Windows fonts of any size
  • Newly designed for Version 4
  • True drag and drop
  • Multiple page open for cut and paste
  • RTF format compatible for text insertion into Magenta

Magenta Scan Form Design Software

  • All the colors you want
  • As many graphics as you want
  • Shading for readability
  • Cut and paste from inside and outside, from project to project
  • Automatic boxing of responses
  • Automatic numbering of questions
  • Individual orientation of text for landscape and portrait forms
  • Multi-language spell checker
  • Totally new text entry capability
  • Text and data merge, separately or together
  • Never-too-late to fix alignment spacing problems or mistakes
  • Independent Timing Tracks from the orientation of the form
  • Full size bubbles for readability
  • Special characters can be created inside bubbles for clarity
  • Timing marks only where data are collected

Magenta/Remark Classic Interface

  • Automatically defines the sheets for scanning
  • Processes batch header sheets
  • Works with common OMR readers
  • Accurate optical mark recognition
  • Utilizes reject stackers on supported OMR readers
  • Integrates error correction/data entry features
  • Utilizes OMR internal printer
  • 30+ output formats for exporting of data
  • Processes double-sided and multiple page forms
  • Grades tests and tabulates surveys
  • Exports test grades directly to grade book packages
  • Produces grade/tally results and statistics

Printing Features

  • PCL and Postscript compatible
  • Full color as well as black and white
  • Simplex and Duplex enabled
  • Allows different paper sizes
  • Split Sheet enabled (2 or more scantron forms on a single page)
  • 2-sided image alignment (left, right, up and down)
  • Individual Object Alignment for total control
  • Preprinting and preslugging of variable data while printing forms

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