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Remark Classic OMR® 5

New Features

Remark Classic OMR® 5 has many new features. The following list provides an overview of what is new in this version.

Data Center

  • Dynamic template updating: Updated the Data Center to check when open templates are modified in the template editor so that if changes are made the Data Center reflects those changes.
  • New streamlined Review Exceptions screen: The Review Exceptions screen was updated to allow for easier review and cleaning of your data in the data center.
  • Skip review on all blank questions: Allows you to skip questions that contain all blank answers (i.e. the question was not used on the form).
  • Speech recognition: Simplify entering in qualitative data by using your microphone or headset with our new speech recognition engine for entering hand written comments or correcting exceptions.
  • Expanded print options: More information can be printed on forms during scanning.
  • New sub category of missing values: Blank and multiple responses are now separate types of missing values so they are easier to distinguish when exporting and reporting.
  • Automation Control Center:
    • Blackboard added to automation options: The Blackboard format was added as an option for exporting grades when setting up an Automation file.
    • Allow numeric save from Automation Control Center for surveys: A numeric data export option was added in the Automation Control Center for tabulating surveys.
  • New data exports:
    • Microsoft Office 2013 support: Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Access 2013 formats.
    • The 255 column limit and overwrite-only limitations have been removed from the Excel export.
    • Added the CSV export format.
    • A numeric data export option was added when using automation files for tabulating surveys.
    • The Opinionmeter® export format was added for exporting data into Opinionmeter.
    • The StatPac export format was added for exporting data into StatPac.
    • Added the ability to save data files to Google Drive and Dropbox.
    • The custom text export update was overhauled, making it easier to use. In addition, it creates a new template matching your updated file format for easy analysis in Remark Quick Stats®.


Remark Quick Stats – analysis & reports

  • General analysis updates:
    • New streamlined interface for report customization: Easier interface to customize built-in reports (change headers, fonts, colors, show/hide statistics, and more!).
    • Ability to adjust report labels: Added the ability to change some of the report labeling options in the Report Properties screen.
    • Create report groups for task pane: New report groupings added to the Remark Quick Stats task pane to make finding reports easier. You can also add reports to a Favorites list for easy access.
    • Include number of respondents: You can include the total number of respondents in the survey or test in the report header.
  • Test grading analysis:
    • Partial credit questions: Added support for awarding partial credit for test questions.
    • More robust learning objective support: You can now apply individual grade scales or scaled scores to each learning objective on a test. You can also add a description to each learning objective.
    • Class Learning Objectives Report sorting: When using the sort objectives property in the Class Learning Objectives Report, the overall line is no longer included in the sort.
    • Include blanks with Incorrect The ability to include blank responses with incorrect responses was added when exporting to the numeric and textual file formats in Remark Quick Stats.
    • Include answer key option in export The ability to include the answer key was added to the numeric and textual data export formats in Remark Quick Stats.
    • New test grading reports:
      • Changed Answer Reports (by student or question): Two new reports were added to show any answers that were changed by erasing responses or making changes to the data grid. The reports are available on the question and student level to provide the most pertinent information to the teacher or administrator.
      • Student Response Similarities Report: A new report was created that shows students with similar responses. You can control the similarity threshold.
      • Student Achievement Report: A Student Achievement Report was added to show comparisons to the test benchmarks.
      • Comparative Item Report for grading: A Comparative Item Report was added when grading tests and lists the percent correct for each question based on criteria of your choosing. You can optionally calculate a benchmark using the average percent correct for all students.
      • Test Analysis Report: A Test Analysis Report was added to provide overall summary information and point out red flags in a test, such as questions where a distractor is chosen more than the correct answer, students showing very strong comparisons of correct/incorrect answers, and test questions with a poor correlation.
    • Report updates:
      • Report date format: The ability to specify a European date style was added to the report headers and footers.
      • Blanks removed from selection windows: When running a report that has a criteria selection window, questions with no answers (all blanks) are not shown, making it easier to select criteria.
      • Test version support for Item Analysis Reports: You can now run Item Analysis Reports when using standard multiple answer keys.
      • Updated the Student Statistics Report: Added a percent column to the Student Statistics Report in the objective and subjective columns. Also adjusted how extra credit questions appear on the report.
      • Crosstabulation Report update: The Crosstabulation Report was updated to make it easier to select questions; particularly if you want to use the same question repeatedly (you only have to select it once).
      • Comparative Item Report benchmark update: The benchmark properties were updated on the Comparative Item Report so that you can choose the Class Average or question benchmarks so that you can use the question benchmarks for the Achievement Gap if desired.
      • Percent column on Student Statistics Report: Added a percent column to the Student Statistics Report in the objective and subjective columns.
      • Reformatted Student Response Report: The averages were relocated to the beginning of the Student Response Report so that they are more readily visible.
      • Class Frequency Report update: A new graph data property was added to the Class Frequency Distribution Report, allowing the graph graphs to display student percent scores rather than the grade scale.
      • Extra credit on Student Statistics Report: The displaying of extra credit on reports was enhanced aesthetically.
      • Comparative Reports: The Comparative Reports were updated to be more visually appealing.
      • Student Grade Report: Added the ability to turn off the questions section of the report.
      • Updated Confidence Intervals: The Confidence Intervals were updated on the Test Statistics and Item Statistics report to enhance clarity.
    • Gradebook exports:
      • Always exclude answer key in custom gradebook export: Added the ability to always exclude the answer key when exporting grades to the custom gradebook format.
      • CSV gradebook export: A generic CSV gradebook export was added to enable universal integration with gradebooks and student management systems.
      • Pinnacle® gradebook: Added support for Pinnacle gradebook.
      • Moodle gradebook export: The Moodle gradebook format was added for exporting grades.
      • Canvas export: The Canvas gradebook format was added for exporting grades.
      • Sakai export: The Sakai Gradebook format was added for exporting grades.
  • Survey analysis:
    • Integrated Item Analysis Report: This report combines our Condensed Item Analysis and Response Reports for easy distribution and viewing of quantitative data and open-ended responses. This is a great report for course evaluations, session evaluations and a variety of other survey projects.
    • Turn off mean on Detailed Item Analysis: Added the ability to turn off the mean in the Detailed Item Analysis and Item Analysis Graph reports for surveys.
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