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Remark Test Grading Edition
is an easy-to-use streamlined teacher test grading program that allows you to scan and process student test forms and run reports with a few clicks. There is no need to purchase special forms, printers or scanners. The included forms can be printed on your computer's printer with student, teacher, class and test information already on the forms and the completed test forms can  be scanned with almost any desktop image scanner or MFP (Multi-Function device). In one easy step, you can grade the tests, print student reports that show each student what they got wrong and print teacher reports that give the students grades. You can also easily export the grades to gradebooks and other programs.

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Here are the simple steps as shown in the option tiles/buttons from the software:

Remark Test Grading Edition Steps
  • Build/Choose a class - enter or import classes of students or select an existing class.
  • Choose a test answer sheet - Choose one of the included plain paper test answer sheets (bubble sheets) that matches your test.
  • Print tests - Print the test answer sheets for your class using regular copy paper, including instructor name, class name, test name and student name. Students do not have to bubble in this information.
  • Create/Modify an answer key - Enter an answer key or scan the key as the first sheet scanned.
  • Scan/Process tests - Use a desktop image scanner or multi-function device to scan the completed test answer sheets.
  • Review the data - Review the data for any problem areas, such as blank or multiple responses.
  • Run reports - Print standard reports to show class, student grades or test statistics.

The Remark Test Grading Edition gives you the following:

  • Easy to use interface breaks the test grading process into logical steps
  • Stores instructor, class and student information
  • Educators can import class rosters
  • Prints a variety of standard test answer sheets; no need to create your own
  • Merges student, instructor, class and test information onto printed answer sheets for easy identification
  • Reads multiple choice questions in varying numbers with varying scoring algorithms
  • Includes subjective points for essays and other write-in questions
  • Scans from a TWAIN scanner source (desktop image scanners)
  • Reads images scanned outside of the software (e.g., from a network multi-function printer/scanner/copier)
  • Supports processing images from a Hot Folder scanned on a networked MFP
  • Allows for on-screen exception cleaning (e.g., for blank or multiple responses)
  • Allows hand-entry of test responses if sheets cannot be scanned
  • Tracks who has and has not taken a test on a class basis
  • Grades tests and produces grade reports including Item Analysis, Test Statistics, Student Response Report, Test Item Statistics,, Student Grade and Student Test Reports
  • Provides scores on specific learning objectives in addition to the overall test
  • Exports raw data and grades to several formats (CSV, Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL Server and more) for easy import into other applications such as Gradebooks or Student and Learning Management systems
  • Gives you extremely flexible licensing from one person to a site license
  • Exports student grades for a class to gradebooks and other familiar software
  • Built on the Remark Office OMR industry leading framework with over 50,000 worldwide users

Available Reports

  • Student Statistics Report
  • Test Statistics Report
  • Student Response Report
  • Condensed Test Report
  • Condensed Item Analysis Report
  • Student Grade Report
  • Student Test Report
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