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SlugIT Data Merge Software

Pre-print and pre-slug your existing scantron forms

Our SlugIT Data Merge software allows you to customize your existing scantron forms by pre-printing text/barcodes (merge text) and pre-slugging bubble grids with information from a data file using a standard computer printer.  This function is similar to mail merge in Word.  If you want to design and print your own forms and merge data with those forms, you need our Magenta Suite.

Slug information

The information used to merge your data can include names, ID numbers, session/class information or just about anything else you can think of. The pre-slug function can slug data for  almost any style of bubble grid.

Applications and other data merge functions

Standard applications for SlugIT include slugging session names and speaker names on Session evaluations and many different K12 and College forms. There is also a lithocode/serialize function to allow you to slug serial numbers that can be scanned into your data.

Pricing and Contact information

Pricing for the SlugIT Data Merge software can be found here and includes one year of support.  For questions or to order software, please either contact us from this web site or call 1-800-455-2559. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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