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for image scanners
Concord Sample
Scan Forms
for OMR scanners
Magenta Sample
Scan Forms
SlugIT Data Merge
pre-slug and pre-print data on existing forms
Remark Test Grading Edition
easy-to-use testing software
Remark Web Survey
web survey design software

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Downloads available for:
  • Demos of Concord, Magenta, Remark Office OMRŽ, Remark Classic OMR® and Remark Web Survey® software.
  • Demo manuals for Concord and Magenta.
  • Information about Remark software
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Which demo? Please make your selection(s) or leave blank. Magenta Forms Designer
for OMR scan forms

Remark Classic
(part of the Magenta Suite)

Concord Forms Designer
for plain paper (image) scan forms

Remark Office
(part of the Concord Suite)

Remark Web Survey
(for online surveys)
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