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Remark Office OMR® 2014
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You have designed and printed your scantron form using DATA BLOCKS' Concord Forms Design software.  Now, you want to scan and verify the form's data using your image (page) scanner. Gravic® Products' Remark Office OMR® software will do just that; there is no need for you to buy a dedicated OMR reader.
Remark Office OMR® software is a leading Windows based plain paper forms-processing software package for surveys and tests. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), barcodes, OCR text and scans handwritten areas. You can design your own scantron forms using DATA BLOCKS' Concord Forms Designer which is specially designed to create these plain paper forms easily, quickly and accurately. Then:
  • print them on your printer
  • using Remark Office OMR®, scan and recognize data with your image scanner
  • analyze the data or export it to the application of your choice!
Remark Office collage
The scanned data may be converted to one of over 30 file formats including SPSS, dBase, Access, Excel, and ASCII. It's that easy!

Remark Office OMR® will tabulate surveys, grade tests, send the results to your favorite analysis package, or produce statistics, graphs and charts. Remark's Office OMR® will even create an HTML file for publishing directly to the Web. The software is ideal for scanning and reading the responses from your surveys, questionnaires, course evaluations, and other plain paper forms ... using your image scanner.
Remark Office screen

Training Remark to Read Your Form

Remark Office OMR® is unique in that scantron forms do not require any registration marks or drop-out inks (special printing). Because of this, you have complete flexibility over how the form is set up and where the marks are located.

In order for Remark Office OMR® to read these forms, users must "train" the software on the new form and create a template file for the form. If your form is created using the Concord Forms Designer, this step is done for you automatically.  This step saves you time and work.

Scanning Forms

Remark Office OMR® software works with an image scanner to scan and process your survey or test forms. Remark Office OMR® can read OMR areas, barcode information, OCR (typewritten) text from your forms. Handwritten areas can also be captured as image regions and printed as a report. Built in exception handling easily locates and allows you to correct or verify any erroneously marked forms (i.e., a person fills in two marks for a question, or fails to answer a question).

Data Export

Once your forms have been scanned and processed the software can save the data to one of over 30 different output formats for use with virtually any analysis package (such as SPSS, dBase, Access, Excel or Lotus 1-2-3). Access® and Excel® 2010 file formats are now supported anywhere database formats are supported. Remark Office OMR® can even save your data to an HTML format for publishing on the Internet or to an Intranet. Or, save your data in Remark Office OMR®'s own format and take advantage of the software's built in analytical tools.

Data Analysis

Remark Office OMR® includes Remark Quick Stats®, which allows you to tally surveys or grade tests with the click of a button. You can tabulate your survey and then run reports such as an item analysis, item statistics or crosstabs to view your results. If you administer tests, the software can automatically grade them. For a test, you can specify an answer key, grade scale and other options, and then the software can grade the test and produce statistics and graphs representing the item analysis, frequency distribution, student scores and several other test statistics. Remark Office OMR® also produces a grade report for each student, which can be printed and handed back to the student.

To see specific features and technical specifications for Remark Classic OMR®, refer to the appropriate link below. New Features and Enhancements in version 2014 may be viewed on this page. Pricing information may be found by going to the Pricing page.

Gravic® Products also provides OMR data collection and web-based survey software. If you are interested in learning more about these products, please see Remark Classic OMR® and Remark Web Survey®.
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Remark Office OMR 2014 New Features & Enhancements

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